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Immo-Health Check

Are you aware of the technical health of your property? Do you know whether the water pipes are still intact, how long the heating system will operate or whether the roof provides sufficient protection? And are you putting enough accruals away for the next cyclical renovation of your property?


Our long-standing experience suggests that owners rarely have a holistic overview of their property’s technical status. While regular maintenance ensures operability of the facilities, useful insights from these maintenance jobs almost never reach the property owner – or only if immediate repair work is needed. Similarly, many facilities are not reviewed on a regular basis (e.g. piping systems). Beyond the purely technical aspects, many property owners are also keen on optimizing existing rental space, improving financing or addressing renovation matters.   


With our Real Estate Health Check we put you property to the acid test. Relying on our time-tested assessment methodology, we provide you with a crisp and holistic analysis of every relevant building component. Our experts will also highlight potential costs for necessary works and provide you with a high-level roadmap on priorities. This gives you the ideal planning tool.


We offer the Real Estate-Health Check at a very competitive price per standard property. The product is especially tailored for older building structures. The health check gives you as a property owner certainty about the condition of your building and preempts any sudden facility outages or damages.


Effiency analysis

Development potential

  • Our services:

  • Technical analysis of the property

    Heating, ventilation systems, electrical systems, sanitary installations, facade, roof construction

  • Assessment report

  • Cost projection regarding repair and maintenance work

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